March 1, 2012

Yogyakarta the Cultural City

Yogyakarta or familiarly called as Jogja, is a cultural City. I'm very impressed with the city. I really feel that their own lives very close with their culture. There are many museums, arts facility and arts community. All of the people using the local language without awkwardness. Many people are gathering
and spending their time at alun-alun lor, alun-alun south, the region malioboro, and Paku Halaman. We can find those place by using mass transportation like busway, delman and becak. A unique experience that I found in Jogja when my ride stopped at traffic light. when the red lights, the time indicated for stop is 118 seconds. wew .. In Jogja we must learn  to more patience at Jogja. I think. ^ ^...........................

 Photo by Ica

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